Societies of collateral diseases have been established in succession

To date, societies of collateral diseases have been successively established in Vietnam, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Russia and other countries. They have regularly held international academic exchange activities such as the collateral disease forum and the academic exchange seminar of collateral diseases, and actively promoted the cooperation and development of medical treatment, education, and scientific research of TCM theory of collateral diseases in various countries (regions) around the world.

Patent TCM Products

Meanwhile, as the research on the theory of collateral diseases has drawn the attention of medical circles at home and abroad, many international medical research institutions have successively carried out academic exchanges and cooperation with the Collateral Disease Branch of China Association of Chinese Medicine, and carried out a series of clinical research, projects, pharmaceutical tests and R&D of new products, pushing the theory of collateral diseases and its application to a new height. In 2020, the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) of the United States also approved the application of the Theory of Collateral Diseases as a credit course for continuing education certification of TCM practitioners and acupuncturists in the country.