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Founded by Professor Wu Yiling, a prominent member of China Academy of Engineering, Yiling Pharmaceutical is China’s Key National Hi-tech Enterprise, National Innovative Enterprise, Top 10 Chinese Medicine Brand, Top 20 Listed Pharmaceutical Enterprise (Stock Code 002603).

Since its founding, Yiling Pharmaceutical has made a great contribution to the industrialization of the pharmaceutical industry through persistent endeavors. By integrating the innovative Chinese Medicine Collateral Theory and modern hi-techs, Yiling has developed more than 10 patent Chinese herbal drugs, 10 clinically approved formulations, 20 formulations in clinical trials, and more than 100 in-hospital preparations, covering major disease fields of cardio-cerebrovascular, cold and respiratory, tumor, diabetes, etc.

Company History

Since its establishment in 1992, Yiling Pharmaceutical has achieved a perfect integration and leapfrog development from "medicine" to "medicine" to "big health".
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By funding training programs, we have helped a lot of physicians enhance their diagnosis and treatment capability, so that they can better serve patients. We have also built scholarships in some universities to help students receive a better education.


Poverty Alleviation

In recent years, thru infrastructure building, work skills training, new job creation, etc., we have helped the poverty-stricken people in many places improve their lives and called back their courage to begin a new life.



In order to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic, we have donated drugs domestically and internationally to save lives and give hope and confidence to people whose health has been harmed.

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