Lianhua Yuping Herbal Supplement Powder

Classic formula, modern technology, combinating a variety of classic Chinese medicinal materials , effectively

[Basic Information]

[Main Efficacy] Enhance human immunity.
[Applicable to] People with weakened immunity.
[Specification] 9g/Sachet*12 Sachets/Box
[Main Ingredients] Astragalus, Poria, Tangerine Peel, Angelica, Lonicerae japonicae flos Erythritol, Maltodextrin


● Derived from the classic formula “Yuping San”, scientifically formulated with astragalus, tuckahoe, tangerine peel, angelica, and Lonicerae japonicae flos .
● Lonicerae japonicae flos from “Lianhua Qingwen” are added to deal with epidemic respiratory diseases more effectively.
● Digital water extraction with modern technology to concentrate effective ingredients.